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Oil Hits the Skids

The S&P 500 fell 1% last week (October 13 – 17, 2014) in volatile trading, leading market participants and media pundits to speculate on how far the stock market slide—now just over 6% from the September 18, 2014, closing high … Continue reading

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Understanding the Markets

What the acronyms signify & what affects investors. Dow. NASDAQ. S&P 500. Fear index. NYSE. Commodity prices. Earnings. Economic indicators. These are the gauges and signposts of investing, but if you stopped most people on the street, you’ll find they … Continue reading

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Summer Rentals

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season in sunny destinations across the country as city dwellers and others seek to escape the heat and enjoy some natural beauty and relaxation. But like unwanted guests crowding a cabin or a … Continue reading

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Gold, the new black?

On gold… As I sit down with “pen” in hand to write our blog, it occurred to me that I have to address GOLD, as it recently had its largest one day price drop in 33 years. That is a … Continue reading

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Hold on there’s something coming through…

KFS Weekly Commentary Message From the Markets Stocks posted a strong first quarter. While shy of last year’s 12% first quarter gain, the S&P 500 Index’s 10% gain seen this year reflects very strong performance. Consistent with the powerful gains … Continue reading

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