Take Time for Yourself

Time Management Personal FinanceI am not sure about you, but my life is busy. Between working, taking the kids to soccer practice, doing yard work, taking care of the house, and if I am lucky maybe even having a date night, who has time to plan, much less think about the future? It’s all about now; planning can come later.

Planning is a big part of my professional life; as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, I create financial plans to help clients pursue their dreams. I know first-hand as someone with a full-time career, who is married, and is the father of three boys (and don’t forget my dog Jake)…life is crazy. Even I find it hard to plan all the time (though I will say that my wife appreciated my planning ahead for our 10 year wedding anniversary this past April, when she was shocked to get her present, a trip to England and Scotland for 9 days… with no kids or the dog). If you can relate, odds are you part of Generation-X. We are stuck right in the thick of it. Retirement is too far way to even start thinking about, and those care-free days of post-college life are in the past.

So, what am I getting at here? In short, making a little time to plan now can help prepare you for what comes later.

This is where a good financial planner can actually help you. Now, they can’t actually magically make a 25th hour of the day, but carving out just a bit of time now, may help relieve the stress of planning for your current and future needs. Remember those days in college of putting off studying for finals? That night before the exam, you stay up until three in the morning, sucking down Mountain Dews to stay awake, just to get that extra bit of information crammed into your head, so hopefully it will stay there for the next 8 hours, just long enough to take the exam and then forget it? Of course after your exam you think, if you would have just looked over everything 30 minutes each night starting the week before the final, life would have been so much easier.

Well, here is your chance at a do-over, but this time it’s not Physics or Economics, it’s life.

Make your own 25th hour, or even better, set aside a couple hours up front and then an hour or so each year to meet with a financial planner, then the rest of the time is yours for the family vacation and maybe even the no-family, just adult vacation. You only get one chance at living a life, so take time for yourself to make it happen the way you want it to.


Jeffrey P. Kendall, CFP®, is a CERTFIFED FINANCAL PLANNER® with Karp Financial Strategies. If you would like to meet with Jeff to discuss designing your 25th hour, please contact him at jkendall@karpfinancal.com or call our offices at 704-658-1929.

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