Permission Granted ~ Empowerment to go beyond yourself.

110207_Volkswagen_darth_vader.jpg (JPEG Image, 405 × 304 pixels)This is the first in a series of posts from Jeff Karp about the empowerment to go beyond yourself….permission granted

January  1st – The primary day of each year when anything seems possible and all that we did not get done the year before is recommitted to.  No one is immune, including me, so here we go.

I committed to begin the journey of writing my blog “Permission Granted”- Empowerment to go beyond yourself.

At the core of my financial money management coaching process, I encourage people to share their life goals with me: the things they want to do, places they want to go and the new skills they would like to acquire.

In adding these things to a “wish list” or “bucket list”, if you will, for living a full life,  I noticed something; that people have no trouble coming up with the dreams – it’s the permission to do them that’s missing. In essence, I found myself granting permission for people to shift from “dreaming about” to “going for” and that made all the difference.

My hope is that through the stories and ideas shared here, you too will feel empowered to pursue the dreams you thought might be out of reach, to turn the dreams into action.

seth godin icarus decpetion

* image and quotation are used with permission from Seth Godin – I trust you’ll check out his blog and his great new book The Icarus Deception

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